The next-generation retail media network from the UK’s leading technology retailer.

With Currys Connected Media, brands and their media agencies can now harness the unique reach of the UK’s largest omnichannel technology retailer.

Currys Connected Media turns our 24% market share of the UK tech market – and the deep pool of first-party customer insights that comes with it – into a tool that allows brands to understand and influence millions of customers online and in-store.

At a time when conventional advertising networks continue to grapple with fast-moving privacy changes, declining TV ratings and the phasing out of third-party cookies, brands are turning to first-party data, insights and channels – such as those held by retailers – to more purposefully engage customers.

And with Currys Connected Media, we’re providing you with some of the most insightful data and powerful channels in the industry, from our 301-strong store estate to serving millions of unique daily visitors, all coming together to enable you to reach the 80% of UK households that are Currys customers.

80 %

of UK households are Currys customers


physical stores + a website with millions of visitors


retail media network to reach them all

How does it work?

Currys Connected Media brings together a number of digital advertising solutions and supercharges them with Currys' first-party customer data.

Partnered brands can use the Tech Insights platform to turn this first-party data into actionable insights that shed light on what customers will be shopping for, where and when.

Brands can then use our powerful advertising vehicles Tech Hunters and Tech Buyers to engage and influence these customers either offsite, onsite or in-store.

With 80% of UK households recently shopping at Currys, Currys Connected Media offers unprecedented insights into the nation’s tech buying habits, as well as the market-leading tools to reach them.

Together, this means brands can unlock the ability to anticipate Currys’ customers' current and future needs, understanding which categories and products they will be shopping for and when.

The Currys Connected Media process

Discover how leading TV manufacturer Hisense is leveraging the Currys Tech Insights platform to drive results and a data-driven understanding of ROI.

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