A closer look at how Currys Connected Media delivered data-driven insights to help Hisense grow its Home Theatre Kits category.

Hisense is the fastest-growing brand in TV, offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

The brand wanted to replicate this success in its newer Home Theatre Kits (HTK) category, where it faced stiff competition from other manufacturers. To achieve this goal, Hisense needed to understand the market dynamics, consumer preferences and distribution gaps in the HTK category.

Hisense turned to Currys Tech Insights – a powerful solution that provides access to rich first-party data and analytics on the Currys Connected Media platform – to help identify growth opportunities by precisely targeting the attach customer for Hisense and the category.

Built with Circana, a cloud-based platform that enables data integration, visualisation, and collaboration across the media ecosystem, Hisense was able to develop a 360-view of why attach customers represented the quickest way to grow the category, powered by key details such as:

  • Demographic insights and spending behaviours

  • Channel preferences – e.g. Online vs Instore attachment rates and average basket spends

  • Returns – e.g. the likelihood that attach customers will keep their purchase compared to standalone customers

“The Circana platform has been essential for analysing sales outperformance across various business channels and category segments. We have been able to identify target areas for distribution growth that will drive incremental HTK sales out and attach to TV, driving total category revenue and ASP – a win-win for both Hisense and Currys.”

Mike Shaw, Hisense's Channel Manager

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