Discover how the fastest growing TV brand leveraged the Currys Connected Media platform to assess the impact of their latest targeted TV ads.

Keen to drive growth during a key trading period, Hisense launched a regional, brand-led marketing campaign focused on delivering value for the brand. But with a plethora of other marketing campaigns underway during this vital time of year, demonstrating ROI campaign-by-campaign was challenging.

Partnering with Currys Connected Media, Hisense leveraged the power of the Currys Tech Insights solution to remove this barrier by isolating all other promotional mechanisms, giving the marketing team a clear look at the campaign’s impact both on brand, and competitors.

Powered by Currys’ first-party omnichannel data, Hisense could identify uplist at the most granular level, including by store, region and product. Furthermore, by overlaying customer segments, the TV manufacturers could see if customers in specific target groups were being converted.

“The platform enables us to track the impact of our direct brand-led campaigns, including targeted TV ads, on sellout performance. With its comprehensive analytics, as a marketing team we can precisely measure marketing impact, optimising strategies to enhance sales performance.”

Arun Bhatoye, Hisense Head of UK Marketing

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