• Leading brands such as Samsung, Acer and Hisense sign up to better understand, reach and engage millions of Currys customers

  • First-party customer data transformed into actionable insights

  • New advertising vehicles then allow brands to reach in-market customers Offsite, Onsite and In-store

Currys has unveiled the first suite of products available via its next-generation retail media network, Currys Connected Media.

80% of UK households are Currys customers, and Currys Connected Media leverages this unique access to allow partnered brands to understand, reach and engage millions of customers online and in store.

The fastest-growing segment in the advertising industry, the retail media sector in the UK is forecast to be worth £6.5bn by 2027, making up 16% of total digital ad revenue.1

Brands such as Samsung, Acer and Hisense are already harnessing the power of Currys Connected Media, which is built on solutions from industry-leading partners including Circana, Epsilon and Criteo. Rich first-party customer data is leveraged to better understand what customers will be shopping for, and when, and a range of new advertising vehicles then empower brands to act on these insights, allowing them to directly engage customers at the point of purchase.

Together, these tools represent a powerful new network to influence millions of UK customers, who for every £4 that they spend on tech, spend £1 in Currys alone.

At the base of Currys Connected Media sits the Currys Tech Insights platform, which transforms Currys’ first-party customer data into actionable insights for Currys and partners.

Partner brands accessing the platform can also be supported with in-house consultancy provided by Circana’s industry-leading data and insight experts to deep dive into a range of topics including ranging, pricing and customer insights.

Together, this means brands can unlock the ability to anticipate Currys’ customers current and future needs, understanding which categories and products they will be shopping for and when.

Crucially, Currys Connected Media then gives brands the tools to act on these insights through its cutting-edge advertising vehicles Tech Hunters (offsite) and Tech Buyers (onsite).

Currys Connected Media enables brands to learn about their customers through our Insights capability, and to then reach, inform and convert those customers whether they are shopping online or instore with Currys.

Tech Hunters is built on first-class technology from Epsilon (a Publicis agency) to increase the reach available to Currys’ brand partners across the open web.

That means tech-hunting, in-market Currys customers can now be meaningfully engaged by brands no matter where they are browsing. High-impact ad formats such as Connected TV, Display and Video offer incredible cut-through and provide a direct link back to a brand’s marketing investment. In addition, Tech Hunters gives Currys’ brand partners the ability to use real-time, SKU-level data to deliver more relevant messages and transparent measurement to tie digital campaigns to in-store sales.

Tech Buyers – Currys’ onsite retail media capability – brings brands closer to the point of sale through ad placements such as sponsored product ads on search, category, and product detail pages.

Built on Criteo’s Retail Media Platform, these highly relevant ads, delivered right before the digital check-out, target those closest to buying and excel at driving higher conversion and return on ad spend.

Advertising placements geared towards boosting brand awareness and consideration will also be available, with display and video ads on higher traffic pages coming soon.

With over 300 stores across the UK, brand partners can also unlock valuable in-store advertising prompts, with a dynamic range of ad spaces available across thousands of screens in stores and radio placements on the way.

“No retailer in the U.K. is better placed to connect brands with tech-shopping consumers than Currys, as no other company can match our omnichannel customer touchpoints.

Currys Connected Media combines this unique position with best-in-class insight and targeting technology to create a market-leading retail media network that allows brands to more intelligently understand, engage and sell to shoppers than ever before… and we’re delighted to partner with some of the most prestigious tech brands out there”

Susie Moan Currys Chief Data Officer

For further updates on new solutions, customer success stories and information on how Currys Connected Media can support your brand to understand, reach and engage in-market Currys customers, email:

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1 Analysis from GroupM, as reported in The Media Leader on 06.02.23