• Currys predicts cost of living crisis will make Black Friday 2022 the biggest yet for essential household tech
  • 73% of Brits relying on deals to get essential tech they need to live comfortably
  • A quarter will buy kettles, toasters and other small appliances
  • Over 18,000 Air Fryers sold last week
  • UK’s largest tech retailer says more Black Friday shoppers looking to spread costs and buy now pay later

November 2022: Currys, the UK’s largest electrical retailer, says this will be the biggest Black Friday ever for essential household appliances – and has launched a special range of Black Friday cost of living deals early, in direct response to the ongoing crisis, helping customers manage the financial implications of replacing necessary tech this winter.

With almost three quarters (73.45%) of UK consumers predicted to purchase essential household electronics and technology essentials across Black Friday weekend (Source: money.co.uk), Currys predicts this year will be the biggest for purchases of the essential appliances families really need, due to the ongoing financial crisis.

Knowing that many are looking for the best deals now, Currys is releasing weekly deals on everyday essentials in the lead up to Black Friday, offering up to 40% off on a range of household items including kettles, toasters, freezers, and microwaves. The retailer has already seen shoppers take advantage of deals on Air Fryers, with a staggering 18,159 sold last week alone and more than 30 people per second hitting the product page for one that was on offer.

Currys’ data states the most popular essential items amongst Black Friday sales will be small kitchen appliances such as kettles and toasters, with 22% of shoppers planning to purchase an item within this category. With tech now playing such an integral role in our lives, these types of household appliance are being seen as life essentials.


How people will pay for their shopping this Black Friday is also of note. Currys customer data shows a rise in the number of people using credit to buy lower cost, small electrical items (credit uptake in smaller baskets has increased 12% in relative terms versus the first half of 2022), and money.co.uk research states that around a quarter (23.35%) will opt to spend on credit cards this year.

With shoppers looking for responsible, alternative ways to spread the cost to get what they really need, Currys has launched a Buy Now Pay Later 9 month Pay Delay product for purchases over £99, which is interest free if paid in full within nine months.*

Currys will also continue to offer the lowest prices on the market with its Price Promise, meaning

cost-conscious shoppers won’t be able to get their tech cheaper from any other UK retailer.**

Financial Wellbeing expert and Author Clare Seal comments:

“People are looking for all the help they can get during this crisis. Whether that’s money off, or ways to manage the cost of buying essential items, thousands of people across the UK are holding out for the best deals and the safest ways to borrow money.

“When you think about it, every household in the UK depends on electrical appliances of some kind, and if a family is facing financial hardship and then the fridge freezer breaks down, that can tip many over the edge. Getting support to buy essential tech for the home can be very helpful indeed.”


  • We expect 14 million shoppers will visit the currys.co.uk website as well as thousands hitting our stores during Black Friday week
  • Expect over 20% of sales to be TVs and 14% will be gaming tech
  • Currys has already seen increase in year-on-year sales of energy-efficient heat pump tumble dryers
  • 20,000 e-scooters will be sold this Black Friday
  • Retail experts say that despite shoppers reducing their spending, participation in the Black Friday sales is set to increase, rising from 33% (17 million) of Brits in 2021 to 39% (20.8 million) in 2022 (Source: The Retail Bulletin).

Ed Connolly, Chief Commercial Officer, Currys says:

“With the continued cost of living crisis, as well as energy prices on the rise, we know 73% of Brits are having to rely on deals to get the essential tech they need to live comfortably. As a result we’re seeing squeezed shoppers playing it smart when parting with their hard-earned cash this Black Friday, whether that’s buying tech that’s cheaper to run, waiting for deals to stock up on essential household tech and gifts, or spreading the cost of bigger ticket items in preparation for a tougher year ahead.

“We’re predicting 2022 to be the year of the air fried Christmas dinner. Last week alone we saw more than 18,000 air fryers fly off the shelves as cost-conscious buyers looked to pick up this energy efficient piece of tech at a brilliant price. With 14 million shoppers expected to hit our website and thousands visiting our stores this week, we’re expecting to sell more again, and because Currys has stood by its Price Promise when other retailers have dropped theirs, these customers can shop with the confidence that they won’t be able to get their tech cheaper elsewhere. And for those savvy shoppers looking to spread the cost of buying essential tech and gifts into 2023, we’ve also enhanced our credit offer to make buying tech more affordable, introducing a buy now pay later option on purchases over £99, which are interest free if paid in full within nine months.*”